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Warm congratulations to Shanghai Jiatian Trading Co., Ltd. website successfully launched!


  Warm congratulations to Shanghai Jiatian Trading Co., Ltd. website successfully launched! Thank you Trueland Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on the site of our technical support, welcome new and old friends to visit the website.

  Established in 2001, Shanghai Jiatian Trading Co., Ltd. is a one-stop technology service company specializing in air-conditioning, heating, fresh air, water purification systems, and smart homes. After 17 years of development, the company has now developed into a major company in the HVAC industry in Shanghai; it has won excellent retail agents in the first-line brand areas such as Mitsubishi Electric and Gree, the best distributors, the Shanghai Excellent Installation Quality Award, and Dajin Air conditioning sales gold medal, Gree Central Air Conditioning sales elite awards and other awards.

  Huang Weijia, general manager of the company has always been adhering to the "create opportunities for employees, create value for the enterprise," the corporate purpose, and strive to create a comfortable and healthy home environment for each user. We have provided professional technical support for various office buildings, government agencies, hotels and restaurants, supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment, hospital education, factory buildings, transportation, and residential villas with efficient and high-quality services. The market has grown rapidly.

  The company has extensive experience in the construction and management of large central air-conditioning equipment. Sets commercial, home central air-conditioning product design, sales and engineering construction, after-sales service in one. The company's design engineers and engineering construction personnel have excellent professional knowledge and practical experience. In the process of project start-up and implementation, the company carries out standardized management, and each link has special personnel to ensure the superiority of each sub-item and sub-project. The company has completed a number of large-scale central air-conditioning projects in Shanghai, a number of projects can be simultaneously construction, short construction period, high project quality requirements, the successful completion of the project, the company's strength has been strongly recognized by customers.

  This also made Shanghai Jiatian Trading Co., Ltd. establish its own image and popularity in the fierce market competition and achieved today's glory.

  The quality of Li Wei, the reputation of Shu German, Jia Tian HVAC, accompanied by warm and cold! Jia Tian Neng Tong gratefully will continue to carry more social responsibilities. In the future, Jiatian HVAC will be committed to establishing the industry's commercial norms, allowing more users to experience high-quality heating and air-conditioning systems, allowing more families to enjoy a comfortable home life and improve the quality of life of each user. Building a harmonious society!

  Our contact information is as follows:

  Contact: Manager Lu

  E-mail: jiatian6868@163.com

  Address: No. 817 Xinchuan Road, Chuansha Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

  Tel: 021-58379526

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